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PHILADELPHIA - BIRTHPLACE OF AMERICAN RIGHTS - Second capital of the United States and first capital of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia was both. The First and Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia as the new nation was being born.

The Declaration of Independence was written and signed here, and eleven years later the new Constitution of the United States was drafted in the State House, better known as Independence Hall.  By the end of the 18th century, Philadelphia was the largest city in the United States and the third largest in the English-speaking world.  This city was home to one of our Founding Fathers and most beloved statesmen -- Benjamin Franklin.

Our Philadelphia Tour includes a visit to Independence National Historic Park, where you will find the Liberty Bell; Independence Hall, where our Declaration of Independence was first read and the Constitution of the US was written; the Ben Franklin Museum;

the Olde Print Shop; Bookbinder's shop; the Old Post Office; the First Bank of the United States; The Bourse; the US Mint; the Betsy Ross House; Congress Hall and more ... You'll enjoy our first class City Tour, by a professional guide dressed in the attire of the late 1700's.

We drive through Fairmount Park, see the well-known Universities, and climb the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, to stand in “Rocky’s” footprints!   At lunch, you'll get to try an original World-Famous Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwich.  On the way to Society Hill, you can stop at the City Tavern where members of the First Continental Congress used to gather.  Here you can experience unique drinks that are made from original colonial recipes, especially the “George Washington Porter.”   Afterwards head towards South Street for some ice cream and shopping - A great combination!

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City Tour of Philadelphia with Step-on Guide; all related tax & gratuities.


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